Crowbar – Existence is Punishment

Crowbar was a Canadian rock band based in Hamilton, Ontario, probably best known for their 1971 hit Oh, What a Feeling . The band consisted of a variety of players in various combinations over its lifetime including:

  • King Biscuit Boy (Richard Newell) on harmonica[1]
  • Roly Greenway on bass guitar
  • Kelly Jay (Blake Fordham) on harmonica, vocals and piano
  • John Rutter on vocals (1970)
  • Richard Bell on keyboards (1970)
  • Jozef Chirowski on keyboards
  • Larry Atamanuik on drums (1970)
  • Sonnie Bernardi on drums
  • Rheal Lanthier on guitar
  • John Gibbard on guitar and slide guitar
  • Sonny Del-Rio on saxophone
  • John Dickie on vocals (2000)
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